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Palestine Under Attack of israeli beast

July 27, 2014

Currently, Palestine is under attack of israeli beasts. The world should kill these beasts to stop the bloodshed of innocent people in Palestine.

usa and european countries have double standard. If the dying person is christian or jew, they shout and raise their voice but if the dying person is Muslim then they do not do anything and remain silent.

Shame on these so called civilized countries (usa and european countries). And a big shame on israel, the beast.

There is no doubt that usa and israel are terrorist countries and they promote terrorist activities in other countries of the world.


Contest : September 2011 Contest

September 8, 2011

One person packs 27 packets of sweets in 4 hours. Packing speed of second person is 20 packets in 3 hours. How many packets will be packed in 3 days if both of them work 8 hours per day?

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Terrorist usa succeeded in releasing terrorist

March 17, 2011

raymond davis, an american terrorist, has been released due to the threats received from number one terrorist country, usa (america). Current Pakistani rulers are coward. They only want to secure their seats as president, pm, cm, etc. They do not think about the nation but they only think about money. They are not Pakistani but are the agents (puppets) of usa. They should also leave Pakistan among raymond davis. Current rulers are very selfish. They should also be punished severely. They are the culprits.

Copying DLL From GAC

July 13, 2010

Some times we need the dll that is present in the GAC. So, I am sharing with you the link that has all the information for copying the dll out of the GAC (Assembly Folder).

Here is the link:

Hope this helps.


Real Terrorist

January 5, 2009

If some problem arises any where around the globe then it is propagated that Muslims are behind that incident without any investigation. They are labelled as Terrorists.

I totally disagree with this. Muslims are not Terrorists but they are victim of terrorism. The real terrorists are Israel, India and USA (America). They feel good by killing innocent Muslims all over the world. No Muslim is involved in the destruction of World Trade Center but it was the plan of both USA and Israel governments to destroy the World Trade Center.

The purpose behind this was to attack Afghanistan and took control of it. Now Americans are killing the innocent people of Afghanistan daily by dropping bombs on them. They drop bombs on Marriage Ceremonies and after that they simply say that it was by mistake.  After the invasion of Americans,  the condition is becoming worse and worse.

Americans also invaded Iraq in order to take control of the natural resources such as OIL. The war is only for getting the oil.

Israel, “The No. 2 Terrorist“, is also killing the innocent Muslims in Palestine. America, “The No. 1 Terrorist” also supports Israel in this matter. India is killing the innocent Muslims in Kashmir. Why the world is quiet over these actions by the real terrorists?

Now, these two terrorist countries should be stopped, in order to keep the peace. If not stopped then they will bite other countries like Mad Dogs. Now it is the time to take some real action against real terrorists (Israel and USA).

Nice Programming Sites

December 29, 2008

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